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You may have heard of RECORD, the homeware and kitchenware brand from East Germany. Here is a little piece of nostalgia with a short extract from the RECORD product catalogue dating back to 1982: “For the smooth running of a household - more than for any other area in life – we need to use various household aids. That’s why we at the people-owned enterprise VEB Kombinat Haushaltwaren in Steinbach-Hallenberg offer such an extensive and diverse range of mechanical household and kitchen appliances".

Up until July 1990 we manufactured and supplied mechanical household products for the domestic and international markets under the brand name RECORD. The concept of private label goods was already well known to us back then. We produced own label lines for renowned companies in West Germany, Austria and The Netherlands.

After the East/West German border opened in 1989, it was imperative for our survival to act at “record” speed. We rose to the challenge and the company underwent successful restructuring and privatisation between 1989 and 1991.

Our aim was to devise a new marketing concept, a combination of the traditional and the modern. The new name was CLASSIC Haushaltsgeräte (which means household appliances or gadgets), providing a new image in what was for us a new market economy. For our logo, we chose the colours of the flag of the Free State of Thuringia. Our upward-sloping logo reflects the aspirations of our company philosophy.

RECORD Produktkatalog 1982

page of our products catalog from 1982